2014 Driver Seminars & Discussions At The Expo


Variety Of Shock Engineers & Consultants • 2:00 pm Friday, 1:00 pm Saturday

Representatives from several shock manufacturers and shock consultants will participate in an open round-table type of discussion regarding race shock technology, selection, maintenance and other topics. If you’ve ever wondered what shock is right for a particular type of track size or condition, this is a great opportunity for you to learn more and improve your racing program. 









Shanon Rush Of Hoosier Racing Tire • 5:00 pm Friday, 10:00 am Saturday

Shanon Rush, Product Manager from Hoosier Racing Tire Corporate in Lakeville, IN, will help you prepare for 2015 with tips to maximize the performance, longevity, and consistency of your WISSOTA Hoosier Tires. Topics to be covered include:

* Proper Mounting Procedures Including Direction, Date Code, Chalk Mark, and Procedure

* Grooving, Siping, and Grinding – Theory and Practice

* Proper In-Season and Winter Storage and Cleaning

* Air Pressure And How It Affects Your Race Car

* What Tire Wear Patterns Mean And How You Can Affect Them

* Specific Information On WISSOTA Tires

There will also be plenty of time to address your specific questions in a Q & A segment after the seminar.